Nicknames: Regina Mae, Reggie, Butterfly, Gibbers, Gibbsey, Rejungle

Age: 25 

Birthday: July 27

Family: mom, dad, and 3 older brothers

Favorite Quotes: A fish can love a bird, but where would they live? 

Favorite Movies: Hairspray, Pearl Harbor, Troy, Something Borrowed, Men of Honor

Favorite Passtime: reading, photography, netflix

Favorite drink: Whiskey Sour

Favorite Shows: The Office, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead

Fun Facts about Regina Mae 

Prefers: sunrises to sunsets (sign of a new beginning), sushi to everything, cars to airplanes ( except I don't want to be the one driving), cold to warm, tea to coffee, Fall to Spring. 

I can't smell. And before you ask: no like nothing, ever. Yep, even if it's strong I still can't smell it (would you ask a blind person if they could see if something was really bright??). I'm not sure how I taste, I think I go more by textures. We're not exactly sure why I can't because nothing is actually wrong with me.  Actually for the longest time my doctors thought I was lying LOL. 

Best trait: I'm reliable 

Worst trait: Easily Annoyed

Hobbies as a child: dancer for 15 years, played piano, gymnastics  

About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Through the Lens of Regina Mae.  My name is Regina and I am obsessed with my faith, all things photography, and traveling anywhere and everywhere.  


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