A Complete Guide To Barcelona

A Complete Guide to the Perfect Weekend In Barcelona

Sagrada Famila

When I think of Spain I automatically think of Barcelona...which in turn makes me think of The Cheetah Girls (but thats besides the point). When I moved to Spain, visiting Barcelona was close to the top of my to-do list. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I really can't say enough good things about this gorgeous city. The views are spectacular and the architecture is to die for. Gaudi is literally a genius. This Catalan city is drastically different than the southern Spain city where I live now. While many of Barcelona's residents speak Spanish, their primary language is Catalan. I found the people to be very friendly especially if you tried to speak their language. They are more than willing to be helpful and teach you the proper way to say words and phrases. I actually enjoyed this city so much that I ended up visiting twice in one month. Through my visits I comprised a list of important things to note and a list of must do's.

Where To Stay

First things first: We stayed in a hostel while there called Yeah Barcelona http://www.yeahhostels.com It was fantastic. They offered dinner every night for around 12 euro. It included an open bar. You'd sit at a long table with other travelers and just mingle and get to know everyone. It was such a relaxed and comfortable environment. The hostel also offered nightly pub crawls after the dinner for an extra fee. Definitely worth it. The hostel is also centrally located. Only about a 10 minute walk to the Sagrada Familia.

Favorite Activities

1) Obviously the Sagrada Familia. This is a must do in Barcelona. Your trip just won't be complete without it. We purchased tickets to go inside and we weren't disappointed. You do need to buy tickets beforehand. I'd also suggest getting there early so you don't have to fight the crowds for your perfect instagram picture.

2) Park Guell. Another must-do. Beautiful views of from the top. It's super important that you purchase these tickets prior as well because they only let in 400 guests at a time to preserve the architecture. Make sure you don't miss your time slot. And also once you leave you can't go back in.

3) Walk around Las Ramblas and also the Gothic Quarters Tons of restaurants, bars, and shops there! You can spend an entire day just wandering.

4) The Barcelona Cathedral

5) Sail Boat Tour- We booked a sail bout cruise for one of our activities and it was soooo much fun! There were about 10 of us on a boat out in the Mediterranean . Food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were served on board. We had the opportunity to swim far out in the water. Floaties and paddle boards were also provided. I may or may not have had a panic attack in the water. I thought a shark was going to get me even though my tour guide swore that there are no sharks in this particular area.

live footage of my actual panic attack

if you have a cool Captain you can convince them to let you (pretend to) drive the boat

-Food and wine tour- With restaurants, tapas bars, and food markets all over you may get overwhelmed by all of the food options. I highly suggest doing a food tour. My favorite thing about this tour was that they gave you full glasses of wine with every tasting. Definitely worth it. The food was pretty good, but I also still felt like I could eat more after the tour. Heres there link: https://www.viator.com/tours/Barcelona/Barcelona-Food-and-Wine-Tasting-Tour/d562-26613P7

Barcelona Nightlife

So even in southern Spain the bars and clubs don't close until the wee hours of the morning. Barcelona is no exception. Y'all, I just can't keep up like I used to. These people are always ready to party. I found some really great spots while I was there. One of them was a nice little salsa bar called Antilla. If you're looking for a cultural place where the locals hang out look no further. You won't find a tourist anywhere in sight. You have people basically professionally salsa dancing all around you. And watch out because they might just grab you and get you to join. It was so much fun! Especially because at 11 they had an instructor come out and he taught a Zumba class! Right in the middle of the bar's dance floor. It was so unexpected and absolutely perfect. Apparently they do a class twice a night.

If you're looking for more of a turn up I would suggest Pacha or Opium. Make sure you get a table though. Those places just get so crowded and the dance floor is insane. And ladies, be ready to put your heels on.


-Brunch and Cake: Okay this really was the cutest little restaurant I've ever been to. And to top it off the food presentation is out of this world. Everything was just so...pretty. I had to fight the urge to walk around to everyones table and take pictures of their meal. I will say however, the food looked better than it actually tasted. I mean it was good, but it wasn't the best brunch of my life. I would still suggest going there though because I think you'll be hard pressed to find another restaurant with that level of food presentation.

-La Esquina: Another brunch place. I actually went there both times I was in Barcelona. It was just that good. The restaurant is quiet cute rustic place. The mimosas are on point too.

-The Box: So this is actually a Street Food Latin American Bar. Let me tell y'all. We stayed here for hourssss and I am completely obsessed with this place. Its pretty tiny with only about 5 tables but the atmosphere is perfect. They have tons of infused rum cocktails you can choose from. The bartender is extremely helpful in choosing something you'll like. They also have the best hotdogs that are literally the size of your forearm. If you don't do anything else in Barcelona please make sure you come here!! I don't think I'll ever go to Barcelona without stopping by to visit.

Mercado de la Boqueria- This food market is just beautiful. You can spend hours just walking around trying different tapas, fruits, meals, and drinks. Highly recommend.

All in all I really enjoyed my trips to Barcelona. The people are friendly and the nightlife is poppin. If you're looking for a good turn up you have definitely come to the right place. Its the perfect mix of adventure, sight-seeing, and partying.

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