Tips for Traveling in The Amalfi Coast

1. Limoncello

Y'all. How have I gone my entire life without Limoncello?? Like seriously, it is by far the best drink I've ever had in my entire ever. Apparently lemons are a huge deal here! You'll see them everywhere.

2. Get motion sickness pills

Okay, I was NOT expecting the roads to be so windy. Thankfully I was prepared and brought some Dramamine. If you are prone to any kind of motion sickness, car sickness, or sea sickness I highly suggest you invest in motion sickness pills.

3. Stay in one place

For our 4 day 3 night trip we opted to stay in 3 different places. Our reasoning was, we wanted to wake up already in the place that we were going to explore that day. While that is a very solid thought, I just don't suggest it. Transportation is very convenient along the coast and honestly all the cities are relatively close. I suggest possibly crashing in Sorrento during your entire stay.

4. Pompeii

Pompeii is a must see while you are in the area. It was honestly one of my favorite stops. However, you don't need a full day for this activity. I recommend stopping by either on your way to or from the coast.

5. Get an early start

Seriously you guys, GET UP. There's no time for sleeping on a vacation...unless it's on the beach. I was super surprised at how early the sun rose here. It was legit 0530 and the sun was out! We woke up pretty early on day to catch a boat tour, and we were surprised at how light and quite the area was. Definitely made for some great pictures without a bunch of people in the photo.

midday Amalfi Cathedral bustling with tourists
0730 am

6. Take a boat trip to Capri

This was another highlight of the trip. We did a boat tour of Capri that started at 0800 and went until around 1800. Light snacks and drinks were provided on the trip. They took us all around the island before we docked and spent around 5 hours there. Definitely recommend doing this! Plus we met some pretty cool friends along the way.

7. Forget about calories

Eat all the pasta, seafood, pizza, and anything else you can get your hands on. The seafood is so incredibly fresh!!

8. Shoes

Make sure you invest in a great pair of walking shoes. We were early doing 15,000 steps a day. Theres also hundreds of super cute sandal shops everywhere. The sandals are all made from real leather.

9) Stop to enjoy the view

I know you've all jam packed your days full of activities. However, I think its really important that you stop for at least a couple minutes a day just to stare out at the gorgeous views. Literally everywhere you look is postcard worthy. Pictures just don't do it justice. Live in the moment!


Yes, I know I already said this one, but y'all!! Seriously your day should start and end with limoncello...and you should drink it the entire time in between. Where can I learn to make this drink??


Make friends with the bartenders. They will hook you up with a ton of laughs and an extra strong drink.

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